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Summer Scholar Program


2010 Steamboat Scholars

2010 Class of Steamboat Scholars at the Seventh Annual Forbes Reception.

Each year, Steamboat Foundation brings together a select group of  undergraduate leaders with a diverse set of personal and academic skills and perspectives.

Steamboat Foundation cultivates leadership in these Steamboat Scholars through a unique ten-week experience. Scholars receive a generous financial award that gives them the opportunity to spend the summer in New York and Boston exploring issues of leadership, living and learning with their Steamboat peers, and participating in prestigious internships hosted by Steamboat’s Grant Partners.

The Summer Scholar Program underscores Steamboat Foundation’s aim: to build a lasting culture of leadership that emphasizes integrity, demands a rigorous work ethic, and encourages the kind of risk-taking that leaders must learn to assume. It is designed to be a rigorous experience - timed to impact young leaders at a formative moment in their lives - that will prepare them to take on leadership roles at work and in their communities.

The program has produced an engaged and growing network of individuals who are developing insight into their own potential and who are on the road to becoming pioneers across a range of fields. Click here to read the profiles of alumni Scholars.

Read more about the Steamboat Experience. 


"Steamboat provided me with the opportunity to learn from a wide range of inspirational people: from the other Scholars who are reaching for greatness to leaders who have reached greatness…I feel changed."

Leigha Salvo, Steamboat Scholar ’04

Summer Scholar Program

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